Book Review Policy

In the spirit of community, I am available to review books.

I accept ARCs, PDF or .mobi files, and finished books from authors and publishers.

I am open to reviewing self-published work and work aimed at all age groups.

As I am just getting my feet wet with this project, I am available to review a wide variety of items.  I do not tend to like modern adult romance, memoirs, religious/Christian fiction and westerns.  Non-fiction will be considered case by case, and in my infinite nerdery I do like books on the social history of medicine/Psychology/chemistry.  Self-published non-fiction should be well researched where applicable.

I tend to prefer contemporary literary fiction, YA, fantasy, paranormal romance, paranormal/magic, historical fiction/romances, mystery, thrillers.

A few caveats:

I will not post a negative review of your work. If it is really not for me, I will send you a thanks but no thanks email.

If you want me to review self published work, please, please I implore you, be sure that it is edited and thoroughly proofread.  I understand a few mistakes getting in under the wire, but if I agree to review your work and it is riddled with typos it will be too distracting for me and I will not continue to read your work.  Typos and errors can quickly become intolerable.

I have a busy job and a(n adorable) family. There may be times when I am unable to get to your work and I reserve the right to not review material received with no explanation.  This is only in extenuating circumstances. If a reasonable amount of time has passed and I have not blogged about your work, you may query.

I will post reviews to my Facebook blog page Donovan Reads, Google+, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads.

If you think that I would be a good fit for your work, please email me at to express interest and for further information.  If I do not get back to you in a week, please take that as a thanks but no thanks.

Thank you!



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