Happy 2018: The Goals

I had a lovely holiday with my boys, especially the son who is at peak holiday season magic at five years old. I almost read all the Christmas books on my Kindle and I did Christmas and now I am so very, very done.

Now I am engaged in the three week long dance between my husband and myself where I ask him daily to get the tree down and back in the shed, and he says he will, and he doesn’t until I do it myself and either leave it in pieces near the door or I bag it up and put it in the shed myself, invariably in the wrong place.  I asked him to do it yesterday on a day off, he said he would, and I am writing this by the twinkling white lights permanently lacing the metal branches.

I didn’t understand resolutions until I had real free time and I was not a student stuffing work and homework in every crack not consumed with class schedules.  When I could read most of the year and take on craft projects that I had the time to work on consistently.  Having less of that time as a parent has actually helped me to really use and appreciate what time I can snatch even more.

So now I like to start my year with reading and writing and crafting and training goals.

And one of those goals will have to be less reading.

Reading Challenges:

BookRiot Read Harder 2018:  I am increasingly finding that this is the perfect challenge for me.  Even though this year it is making me read comics again and I am not going to care for comics that much no matter how many times they are listed, not only did I like a majority of the categories, I already have books on my TBR that fit them.  I have been meaning to read The Master and Margarita forever.  So forever that I recommended it to a friend and then used ONE WHOLE audible credit on it, an honor reserved for books I abandon or just am so intrigued by I can’t wait for a sale.  And then I find that it fits like three categories on the 24 book list.  I do one book per category as 24 books is about a quarter of my yearly reading haul so I can handle that, so I will have to decide where it best fits in.  Similarly for the Octavia Butler books that I own but have not read.

Read Down 2018:  I wavered somewhat on this one last year with doing challenges, what with library books, crazy ebook deals and the like, but I did chew down a good part of the classics I had had forever, and I am still going to try to take out my TBR with my challenge, as much as I can.  I can’t commit to a book buying ban, even though the deals should be slowing down into the New Year, but I will continue to be prudent.

Writing Challenges:

12 Short Stories in 12 Months:  Last year I did a Facebook group that turned into its own separate site, 12 short stories in 12 months, hosted by writers write teacher Mia Botha.  It’s out of South Africa, and it is free, and last year I and 29 other people completed 12 short stories throughout the year with a deadline and a prompt.  I recommend it to anyone looking to have a deadline, experiment, challenge themselves, and be part of a group.  Comments people leave are mainly supportive on stories.  I have slacked on commenting so as I do it this year I am planning on being more consistent with leaving feedback.  But absolutely this will be done again and I am considering forcing myself to experiment genres with it, instead of doing contemporary.  It has gotten my wheels turning, for sure.  I would try for writing a short story a week if I didn’t have other things to do with my spare time.

More  Reading for Writing (which might mean less fiction to be discussed in blogging):  This entails reading the books I have on writing, the nonfiction books I have that I want to use in some ideas I have, reading more publications that I might want to submit to, eventually, things of that ilk.  I mentioned at the end of last year I have to slow down the novel/fiction binge, especially knitting while listening to a book which is legit one of my favorite things ever in the known world.  But if I want to type up some stories I hand wrote last year, get more stories drafted, write up some things I have outlined on cards or in my notebook, work on more projects related to writing, then my default for a free chunk of time can’t always be turning on my latest book and picking up my needles.  I know.  I really know how to party.  This could mean less frequent posting, like every other week, but then I have figured out the next two posts after this to give myself a few weeks to read my 2018 Snow Read, so I have not moved my brain out of my fiction binge yet completely.

Just Get More on the Page:  I see contests springing up with the New Year, and I look at them and think, I don’t know if I have written enough to really have something to compete with.  I should have done the last contest with All About Writing and I might toss my hat in the next one, but really, I just need to write to have material to consider, to edit, to submit.  I have not made a plan to write more outside the deadlines for 12shortstories.  I have yet to figure this out.

My time is also eaten with crafting and training for competing, and I should train for something, if I don’t have to work extra with my husband’s possible layoff.  But trust me, no matter how busy I get, I will never give up novels again.

Comments/likes/shares are welcome!

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