Middle Grade Novels: Roots and Branches

Please month of June, give me warmth.

I love the green of the springtime around here but the rain is feeling prohibitive.  That might not seem like the right word, but it is.  Trying to train, trying to camp outside, trying to soak up every moment of this saturated season.

I wrestled two additional middle grade novels for this post.  Novels about kids thrust into adult situations and prevailed upon to help with adult problems.  Completely not okay in the real world, but like many things, makes a good story nonetheless.

Through these situations these children figure out their talents and how to use them, as well as the meaning of family, which are developmental tasks for the audience.

the mysterious benedict society.jpg

The Mysterious Benedict Society,  Trenton Lee Stewart

So this is a four book set, but I was okay with just reading the first one.  A bunch of genius kids without families to miss them are selected to infiltrate a nefarious empire to spoil a mind control plot.  The kids are ingenious, argue a few times, but then become a solid family to one another, aside from finding or gaining adult family members as well.  These kids sprout both their roots and their potential.  I needed audiobook and a road trip assistance to work my way through this one.  My brain wanted adult themes.

I don’t know if I would have liked it more if I was a member of the target audience, but it is still a contender to share with my son when he is in that bracket.  He could be the kind of kid who fantasizes about being a genius.  I know I did occasionally and it got me into a life that can be overwhelming sometimes. One never knows.


green glass house.jpg

Greenglass House, Kate Milford

An orphan again, but this one has been adopted by parents who seem completely appropriate but who are accessories to smuggling.  They live in a big house that they run as a hotel to smugglers, allowing themselves to be a crossroads for illegal activity.  You can’t live in such a place in your middle childhood years without getting sucked into some kind of intrigue that you had no hand in creating.  While his parents are distracted with a mysterious influx of guests one Christmas season, he begins to realize that the combination of guests is not random at all.  They are tied to one another or to the history of the house.  He wonders about where he came from, and the other potentialities of his life, as well as learns more about being the person that he wants to be through role play (fake it til you make it, right?) so those are more childlike themes along with the adult stuff going on.  There so much action that the time crawls to Christmas and the peak of the action, the solving of the biggest mystery is about the treasure of family, not the treasure of valuable goods.   Another contender to share with my son in a few years, if he gets past the toilet humor.

Another one that I needed the help of audio to get me through, and I will share with my son, but my adult brain wanted adult things.  I had some adult things to read to give myself a break, which I am trying to finish to create the next themed post.  More atmospheric, legendary, and reaches of the imagination.

Comments/likes/shares are always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Middle Grade Novels: Roots and Branches

  1. A book I read when I was young that fits into this theme is called Below The Root by Zylpha Keatley Snyder. It is part of a series also but I only ever read the first book. I re-read it as an adult and it still held up!! Definitely check it out if you haven’t. Love your blog btw!


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