The Reading Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year!

So this post is called resolutions, but I think of it as plans.  What am I going to do with my creative and me time in the upcoming year?  Maybe they are resolutions.  They are what I want to do, and maybe that’s enough of an explanation.

Regardless, I like that there is a designated time to start fresh and to think about what I want to accomplish by the end of the year.


It is the year of making challenges of reading what I already have.  Reading challenges are fun, and they really have diversified my reading base, which will help me on my quest to being a writer, but I pursue books to read that I do not already have while my good friends right in front of me remain neglected. So sadly neglected.

A fraction of the neglected:


This is the pile in  my room.  It isn’t the shelves I have in my office at home.

It isn’t my kindle.  Or my back issues of The New Yorker and Tin House.

Please don’t call hoarders.  They clean out people’s houses before processing the trauma that caused the hoarding in the first place. And, I haven’t been traumatized…there’s just so much in the world that my brain wants to eat.

I have considered making my own categories of what I already have.   Potential categories would be:

Hoarded Authors, or authors whom I have never read but have managed to collect a number of their works, like Susanna Kearsley, Alice Hoffman (I may have read an Alice Hoffman but not recently, so she counts), Octavia Butler, Mary Kubica, and Chris Cleave.

Books about fairy tales/collections of lesser known tales

The Psychology of fiction and creating compelling fiction

Victorian Sensation novels

books set in/about NYC

Freud’s works

Literary criticism

Abandoned Books

Short stories


books I bought because Amazon would not let me forget them

books about the science of cancer

books about world religions

books over 500 pages: five over 500 2017! This will be a thing.

continuing the Magical Realism world tour (this one has to happen anyway.  I didn’t schlep through 100 Years of Solitude and Beloved to stop before I get to the books that hold more appeal to me)

Okay, some of these books are fodder for my own writing and probably would not interest the audience that I believe I target.

Which brings me to another topic.

Reading Challenges keep me knitting and reading, more than taking the emotional risk of writing.  I have been on a fairly aggressive knit down and charity knitting binge, which is an awesome excuse to download an audiobook and stick in my headphones and leave all my writing threads dangling where I don’t have to confront my plethora of writing related insecurities.

I would really like to finish another draft of the novel I did get back to for like two weeks of NaNoWriMo.  And writing for the blog isn’t really that distracting from my writing goals. I have handwritten notes of books I have not written about on here and post ideas I could dash off if needed.  I need this blog to keep me arriving at some sort of page and thinking more about what I like in what I read.

I will pick up more audiobooks and use my credits related to books that I already was looking to read before the year started. I will try to hold to the same idea with library books.  There could have been a burst of book buying during the holiday week but I will blame that on the amazing Amazon ebook deals.  Goodreads awards winners on sale?  Whaaaa?  It wasn’t the new year yet.  That’s my excuse.

But what I really need to do is read less, knit less, and write more.  Knitting may have to be reduced to near extinction levels, which would be a real sacrifice, as I bought a gorgeous cable cardigan kit recently in a crimson red.

Briefly, other resolutions:

Drinking more water. It’s not a healthy habit that I have managed to get myself into.  I exercise and eat reasonably well but I got into diet soda and I am slowly cutting it back out, doing flavored water and more tea for a wake up in the afternoon.  Reducing general caffeine consumption will be a continued focus.

Increasing gratefulness.  I started this one last year because I read that what you want from the world you should start by sending into the world.  It’s the same recommendation that I make to people looking to improve relationships:  be the person you want the other person to be first, instead of waiting for them to change.  The only person we have any power over is, you got it, ourselves. Coparenting can be decidedly unromantic, but my gratefulness for my husband’s prowess as a father helps me when I feel frustrated that he can never remember the time that soccer practice starts.  It’s also pretty romantic when I come to a clean house and sometimes even a meal waiting.

Competing in another sprint triathlon, possibly a Warrior Dash again. I liked the flames when I finished, like I did something mad important.  Flames when I finish!  There are no flames that spring up when I pull a sweet intervention to help one of my kids.  I need good flames.

What are your creative/leisure plans for the upcoming year?  Leave a comment below!

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