2016: 2/3 reading roundup

Roundup or breakdown?

All right, so it’s Labor Day weekend.  So it is.  Dunkin Donuts has released its pumpkin coffee already and Tuesday 9/6, I have on good authority, Starbucks will follow suit and roll out the pumpkins.  Let the pumpkin spice manifest.  I can no longer stem the tide.

In three days my almost four year old is getting tossed into the UPK class hosted by his daycare.  Four by December 1 seems so momentous:  it has allowed for soccer and tumbling class participation (they also have a dance team for kids his age but he struggles with red light/green light so let’s just tumble, shall we?), the beginning of free school, old enough to start really playing board games (okay so maybe some of you have three year olds who can effectively get a plastic gingerbread man to King Candy but mine isn’t there yet) and access to the indoor racecar place here, which will be another daily request once he finds out it exists.  He’s been asking to go bowling too.  Maybe we will survive the cold season after all.

Time to check in on reading goals:

Goodreads: I have met my Goodreads goal of 55 books, currently at 65.  I read 73 books last year and only 68 in the rival year of 2012.

Pages: I have 3,741 pages of reading to go to rival my recorded 2012 record.  I need to read 935 pages a month to reach this. About 32 pages a day.  This is not counting that at the time of this post I am dutifully charging through The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.  I tell you now this would be unreachable without audio.

The categories still waiting to be filled in the Trifecta of Reading Challenges:

A book set in the middle east (BookRiot):  Thinking about Reading Lolita in Tehran, The Oracle of Stamboul or Guapa

A book guaranteed to bring you joy (Popsugar): probably The Alchemist

A book written by or about a transgender person (BookRiot):  probably Middlesex if I have the inclination to allow myself to be hypnotized by Jeffrey Eudenides

A biography (BookRiot):  Romantic Outlaws or Empire of the Summer Moon

A Food Memoir:  Yes, Chef or Book of Salt or The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink

A graphic novel/non superhero comic debuting in the last three years (Popsugar/BookRiot): Beautiful Darkness.   That took some research

A Book of Essays (BookRiot):  probably Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.  I know.  How could I not have read this?

A Book of Poetry (Can’t remember):  possibles are Felicity by Mary Oliver, Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich, Good Poems collected by Garrison Keillor

Maybe a book I previously abandoned.  There is a book I should have read in school, but I nerdily read all my schoolbooks, but The Fountainhead was supposed to be read before I started ninth grade and what ninth grader makes it through The Fountainhead I have yet to meet.  I could revisit some books I read in school.  Trust me, though, I have other half read books swirling in my wake.  Like that time I thought I could get through Les Miserables with volunteer audio (Librivox is a great service, don’t get me wrong, but something like Les Mis needs a narrator who can go the distance with you) when I was on maternity leave and acting as a human feed sack for my son is beyond me.  I made it until a lengthy exposition about the current situation in France and knew I was defeated. I get ambitions and sometimes they so sadly fail.  My son gained four pounds in his second month of life and heavy classic novels are not what sustained me then.  I will post someday on the books that kept me going when I couldn’t read about all the fun things my friends were doing on Facebook anymore.  And when I might have lectured my son at six weeks old on how pooping is for daytime, not nighttime.  That really may have happened.

And if you have made it this far into the post you deserve to know I am reading and writing about Halloween themed books this year for the five Sundays of October.

How are others coming along?  Any other suggestions for my as yet untackled categories?

comments/likes are loved.

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